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Loco for Local

Fresh Acres was founded in 2016 when two crazy corporate-types decided to take a leap into farming.  Our mission was, and remains, to produce healthy, locally grown food to feed your family, as well as our own.  In that vein, we purchase non-GMO seeds from carefully sourced seed companies, and we do not use harsh fertilizers and chemicals – we are not certified organic, but we grow in an organic manner.  We also raise animals on the farm, closer to the way God intended them to be raised – they are free-range / pasture-raised, and we supplement with soy-free, transitional-organic feed.


In 2018, we added to our mission by sharing the farm with others through a corn maze.  On September 15th, we opened our corn mazes for the second year, which takes up about 10 acres of our property.  We will have all the things expected at a corn maze such as additional activities (corn pit, bale mountain, petting zoo), as well as vendors to provide food and other goods.  Keeping with our mission, we grew the corn without spraying with harsh chemicals – we used oats as a cover crop and good ol’ elbow grease to keep the weeds low, so you can enjoy the corn maze without worrying about what’s on your shoes when you get home.  We hope your family can join us this fall and check it out!

For 2022 we are adding to the fall offerings on our farm.  Come see us weekends and MEA from Sept 10 though October 30, 10am - 6PM to check out all your favorite activities from years past as well as some new things.  Due to weather and daylight hours please call ahead or check Facebook of time to ensure we are open. 

Contact us: | (763) 290-0156 

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